Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Zara Hatke, Zara Bachke.....

Proximity of my place to work location doesn't give me ample opportunity to avail Mumbai public transport. But on a weekend, while commuting to hometown, I traverse the entire western route Dadar-Dahanu through and through. Getting the flavors of each transport mode. Every time there’s an announcement of a new road link or a new local trains add on; the city rejoices. As if it’s going to lessen the traffic jam and human jam. But then it's phenomenal to witness How Mumbai functions.

>>Blackhole Junction
The time from Saki Naka junction to Saki Naka metro station in an auto (barely walk-able distance) equals time from Saki Naka to Andheri in metro. Saki Naka junction is like a black hole of Mumbai. Much as like JVLR and Marol. Time crawls. Time is paused. Speaking of Metro, every time I get out of it, I take a deep breath. Reliance tag, you see. 

>>No tantrum Cabbies

After the auto guys of Hyderabad/Pune, I did earn respect for the cabbies and autowallahs of Mumbai. They literally use their meters and charge as per the meter unlike the hyderabadi auto guy striking a bargain deal with absolutely no proportion of the distance traveled and amount charged. 

>>Battle of Armies 
As the clock on the indicator ticks, the army of Spartans (minus the Greek look, minus the physique) at Dadar/ Bandra /Andheri station is ready to march. They are not only going to board the train but are also going to exhibit the phenomenal play of Newton’s first law of motion. Looking at which, even Newton would have been like I am good with theoretical definition. Practical display. No.

>>Rules Baby Rules
If you have boarded a Mumbai local during evening peak hours; you can also save this story to be narrated to your grandchildren. One in many stories of your greatness. That's what you believe. But seriously it’s an achievement. The person cribbing about Mumbai is the one who couldn't do this task. But just getting in isn't enough. There are rules to be followed. So when I rushed along with my travel bag, laptop bag and DSLR, I had a moment with that lady. She snapped. Just eyes talked. Bitch please. Seriously DSLR. What are you on? Some f******* backpack trip in Mumbai local. Please O’ Please. The message was taken. Rule 1: No electronic stuff. Rule 2: The iron bar at the door isn't just an iron bar. It defines the border between people getting down at Dahisar and Borivali. If you are a Borivali getting down commuter and you are not standing on the correct side of iron bar, possibly no force in this universe can make you get down. Even LOC wouldn't have seen such precise division.

>>Game of Seats
You should look at the way they claim seats and fight for it. There audacity will put the claimant of an insurance policy to shame.

Much as we all would have liked to have escalators at railway platforms; however I don't find a point of having an escalator at Dadar station where the human jam chokes the escalator. You don’t need an escalator at Dadar station; the human force begets human force and motion occurs. Having escalator at Dadar station is as pointless as Siddhu’s commentary during IPL. 

>>Cheat code
If you think a first class ticket can give you little relief during peak hours. You are wrong. Wrong expectation. It is like expecting Katrina playing a movie character having both parents as Indians. The cheat code is to board the local priorly. For instance, you want to board a Dadar-Dahanu local, you board it at Andheri. The same local reaches Dadar, re-routes from Dadar and that’s how you get a seat.

>>Vent out via Fights
If you think that Candy Crush request senders are the most annoying people on the face of earth; then probably you ought to witness the female tussles in the local. So, I grab my window seat (remember cheat code), plug in earphones, take out that long time pending book (atmosphere isn't conducive for reading though) and munch along the chips. Although my ears seeps in with the November rain song, ‘So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way’, my eyes report the lisping of another song between few females. I can articulate it as ‘Dhakka kyun mara’

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Randomness on a Sunday morning

The random thoughts floating in the mind on a Sunday morning needs to be jotted down.

"Journey is as important as destination" Baba always say there's no point in reaching the destination, if you haven't enjoyed the Journey. So while you are busy making a living; remember to live. To smell the moist soil. To get wet in the rains. To do little things that make you happy.
"Lectures will someday make sense" Your choices and decisions gonna impact your life in the long run. so the long boring lectures from parents, teachers and friends about life were never a waste.
"Being Clear" Clarity of thoughts will always make life easier for yourself and the people surrounding you.
"Seriously over a drink" Someone who can do an elongated fake conversation over a drink; two facts are clear. a) Drink is ruined b) You are wasting your time
"illusions can be hazardous"
Cheating is bad. Cheating and still not knowing it, is illusion; a serious problem than cheating.
"Revenge is a dish best served cold
Let Go is meant for the circumstances, when time and people weren't in your favor; however deceivers deserve a revenge. 
"Check all viewpoints"
Person coming back in your life for the second time doesn't necessarily mean serendipity. No-one else likes the person.
"Thankful for the beatings"
The understanding, empathy, sanity and the rules drawn by you today; somewhere have the reference to your childhood beatings by parents. They did make you a better person today.
"Food lovers are awesomest people"
You cannot relish the best dish if you ain't having it with a foodie. 
"There's lot of hurt around"
Don't believe that you have absorbed a lot of hurt in this universe; there is hurt which you haven't imagined or couldn't take. So chill. 
"Death bed Study"
A study reveals that people lying on their death bed regret for not spending enough time with old friends. So stay connected.
"Random trip plans"
Do it often. It increases the acceleration of Life's wheel.

This randomness and more makes life a beautiful journey. Someday you will connect the dots and make sense; for now just stay high and stay happy :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The RR's

Warning: All characters in this note are real and any resemblance to fiction is purely coincidental:P

 Woh tera Sanju Baba ka pose
Woh Swetapedia ke heavy dose
Woh tera epic eklauta dance step
Woh anokhe knowledge ki depth
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan....

Woh tera har baat par tar tar karna
Phir badan dard ka RR hona
Woh tera sarkaar pose mein ana
Phir epic one liners marna
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan...

Woh teri creative Kaltiya
Woh teri kamini mastiya
Woh tere Sunny ke ultimate expressions (I meant Sunny Deol :P)
Woh tere sense of humor ka fusion
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan...

Woh tera self proclaimed statement that "I am Low maintenance" LOL
Woh tere OCD ke jalwe and kehna that cleaning is a continuous process 
Woh teri unlimited capacity
Woh tere kisse of crazy intensity
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan...

Woh tere dinning table ka mess
Woh tere fashion ke free tips
Woh tera mein apni favourite hu ka drama
Woh tere unlimited gyan ka phenomena
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan....

Woh teri builder ki farzi kahaniya
Woh Siddhiqui kabab khate hue jhoot ki teri Ghustakiya
Woh tera honey singh ke gano par uchalna
Woh, tu kaha se hai, iss baat par tera sharmana
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan...

Woh tera group mein mast mix hona,
jaise lemon ka mohito mein mix hona
Woh tera lemonade jaisa innocence
Woh sabke pagalpan mein bhi tera na banana koi sense
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan...

Woh tera sabko pakad pakad kar pilana
Woh tera silent rehkar, dusro mein voilence karwana
Woh teri unlimited car drops, jo free thi :P
Woh tera cocos mein ekdum befikar hona
Nahi Bhulenge hum Jab tak hai Jaan, Jab tak hai Jaan.....

Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Note...

Dear Shoe,
Ahh, I have seen you making those marks on the sand. I remember each sunshine with you, each moonlight walk with you. Remember those forest walks amidst the fireflies and the mountain treks. And yes those river crossings. It took my breath away when we were held in the hands of those unknown forces. Glad we came so far. Glad that the rains could only drench us, but couldn't wash us apart. Glad that the forest fire just burnt us a little bit but couldn't take away the warmth between us. Nomatter how many dusty roads you travel and how many sandy hills you unravel; I will be always there with you throughout the journey. Nomatter even when you are torn and your polish fades, I will be tightly held to you within your loops. Little do I know about love. But being in love for me is keeping those strings attached with you. And as you make my world upside down, I promise to be knotted around you.
Love Lace.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ain't any Silver Lining; Ain't any Light...

I grew up in a small town tarapur in a central government colony. My colony had a siren kinda of system. There was a loud siren ringing twice a day. One at 7 in the morning and the other at 7 in the evening. I don't know for what purpose it was meant. But the evening siren was a barometer for the kids to reach home by 7; after the evening play or from tuition or other classes. It was a ritual to be followed at home; to be back at 7. To be safe. It's been more than 10 years I have been staying outside home. Today also that siren rings in my mind. To reach home safely. To reach station safely when gotta catch a late train. With those crossword games played in mind. Isn't that auto guy looking lil scary? While returning from the airport from a late flight; the mind toggles whether to take a cab or airport bus. Which would be much safer? Should I walk down this dark lane? Those stares; they are not only scary. They symbolize you as some filthy object. Someone touching your body without your permission. That feeling. You cannot put it in words. If you are thinking that I am being lil pessimistic; then you are wrong. This is the story of every other women in this country. They play those crosswords in their mind while travelling. That fear rumbles on their mind. To reach home safely; it's like a luxury in a country like India. She knows that the lethargic law and the hypocrite society ain't gonna protect her. And that she has to play her own game.

They say India is a land of great culture and great mythology. What culture they are talking about; where we are celebrating the 67th Independence Day, while women in the country cannot move independently without that fear. Where an innocent girl going home after watching a movie becomes victim of ruthless beasts. Being raped to become martyr; so that media can sensationalize it in their own way, so that political parties can use it for their purpose. The kinda of culture which gave the world all those chapters of kamasutra but didn't emphasize upon the fact that each human being need to take the consent of other human being before touching him/her. Shouldn't Lord Ram have taken that Dhobi to task for asking Sita to take the Agnipariksha; thereby setting an epitome that whosoever behaves that way with women will not be spared. If Lord Krishna was so powerful, shouldn't he be killing Duryodhan, for Draupadi vastraharan in front of the assembly thereby setting an example in the history; whosoever touches another human being without his/her consent will be awarded death penalty? Why he waited for Bhim to take the oath of killing duryodhan in the battle field. In that case Draupadi waited till the battle for her justice. I always make it point to end my posts and poems with an optimistic note; but not  this time. India ain’t a nation for women.  Ain’t a nation for daughters. Ain’t a nation for baby girls.  There ain’t any silver lining. There ain’t any light at the end of the tunnel.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lord of wisdom deserve more sanity...

Being a Maharashtrian, ganesh festival always occupied that special place in my heart. As kids, we were always excited about the Ganapati celebrations. It was a small two day event at my granny's place. Little joys came up in their own way. Decorating the Ganesh idol. Helping granny with the modak preparations. Plucking hibiscus flowers from the backyard garden. They say lord Ganesha loves red flower. Kids were given the task of making durva to be offered to the idol. Durva is made up of field grass; each grass comprising of 3 leaf strands and 21 such grass stems combined to form one durva. Prayers were simple. To give wisdom. Good health and good marks in the quarterly exam which was held a few days before the festival. Performing the quintessential aarti was my favorite part. I have always loved the rthyme of those chants. The night was spent doing Jagraan. Jagraan is to stay awake the entire night; kinda giving company to god. We were told god would be upset, that if we don't stay awake. Not the fear but the faith and belief in god kept us awake.

The next day visarjan remained simple. Some 7-8 families in the village with their ganapati idols proceeded in the procession towards the beach. We kids carried an extra set of clothes; as along with the Ganesha idol immersed, we took a dip in the water. We did carry a plastic pouch; for our little palms couldn't fit in all the prasads distributed by different families. Back home we came drenched. Although the idol is immersed but that night also aarti is being performed for the sand which is picked from the sea during immersion. I can quote many such instances of the ganesha celebrations during my childhood; not because I am a religious person or something. Bcuz those days were happy days. Small family gatherings, preparing the lunch together and distributing prasad in the neighbourhood. No loud music, no pompous sound but just the little ways of joy that brought smile on my granny's face; I remember that so very much.

Wish things remained that simple. Today my only concern was to reach home safely. Escaping the traffic. Escaping those drunkyards dancing outrageouly in the procession. What if they spill the colors over you. What if you get stuck on the way home. Celebration of this festival was started by the great freedom fighter Balgangadhar Tilak during the national struggle for independence to build peace & harmony amongst the people of different religion and caste. The communal riots in muzaffarnagar occuring few days before this festival is in itself a contradiction to the very basic foundation for which this festival is being celebrated.

Today I see the view of hussainsagar lake from my terrace. Beautifully litted with the lights for the immersion. Tommorow there would be cranes pulling the remnants of the immersed idols. And needless to say bulk of money already being spent in the 'Save hussainsagar lake campaign'. Do we have all these to offer to the lord of wisdom? Aren't there any other saner ways to celebrate this. Making clay ganesha idols at home. Coloring those with pastels. Immersion in bucket filled water at home. Collecting funds; not to play loud music or perform drunkard dancing but for a social cause. For an orphanage. For those unprivileged children. Getting little ways of joy ain't that difficult; just that we need to change our perspective with time. The lord of wisdom deserve to be celebrated with more conscience and with more saner ways.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

The air is moistened...that humid whiff is playing around...drops of rain are not settled yet...that drizzling water is dripping through the window panes...there's no clue of the sunshine since many days...the chirping birds are taking their share of sheds under the window roofs...the rope line has clothes hanging for days...even if the clothes are dried, they are cold and numb, sulking with moisture...the hot ginger tea and crackled pepper chips are lying around...there is a rush of cold through the's much cozier to be in the velvet blanket...lethargic mind don't wanna take a step out in the mud puddles, in the showers and in the freezing's just waiting for the sunshine to come up...It's just pondering about the beautiful lines of Alexander pope,
"How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind!
Each prayer accepted, and each wish resigned."

Some day it is hoping to awake in the morning with this eternal sunshine..May be some day this eternal sunshine will come up and erase the moisture in air, clean up everything and remove those dark specks on the mind...Somehow the mind is very hopeful about the eternal sunshine and believes in it what The shawshank redemption says "hope is a good thing...may be the best of good things. and no good thing ever dies"