Thursday, November 26, 2009

26/11 A Black Wednesday

It was a black Wednesday..

Which caused our minds to sway.

Spirit of mumbai was ravaged,

And the innocents were savaged

They bombed our age old heritage

Sowing the seeds of rage.

Their guns echoed sound of grief,

Depicting that the humanity has turned deaf.

Grenades and bullets were fired,

And a rill of blood flowed.

Ocean of tears inundated,

When lost are the once,whom you loved.

A salute to the matyrns,

Who faught the battle till their last breath.

And not turning coward like politicians,

Staying mum and becoming next scion.

A year has passed away,

Proprietors of crime are free fishes in the bay.

Isn’t this a question to our constitution?

Isn’t it that we have forgotten to react?

Isn’t it that we have a short lived memory?

Isn’t it that we have become numb?

Isn’t it that we have turned into a Zombie?

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