Friday, November 6, 2009

A Little bit of Compensation

The title of my blog is expressions.I am a scorpion and it is said that scorpions are expressive but one percent of these expressions are meant to be shared only with their soul.So with due respect to these one percent expressions,I take immense pleasure to share my expressions with all of you.

Well when I turn back the pages of my life's book,I can refer that most of the chapters are based on the topic called compensation.And this chapter started after my 10th standard results. My mother yelled at me for my poor performance in my 10th standard board exams.And the poor performance was 81%,which according to her was anyone's cup of tea.At that time,my mind was saddled by remorse feelings.I felt very guilty for taking things so lightly,for not giving my best.Very soon there was a book of Do's and Don't published in my impulsive mind.Well this book was composed of various Do's and Don'ts for eg. not to freak out with friends,studying sincerely,not getting indulged in time wasting activities etc etc.After following this so called virtual book,by scoring well in the exams and by satisfying my extraordinary academically ambitious mom I felt that I had compensated for all the poor performances in the past.Then again I returned back to my take a chill pill attitude and started taking things lightly.And henceforth started my odyssey of compensation.

Like newton's law states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction,my law of compensation states that for every good performance there is an equal and opposite bad performance. At my workplace,I used to slog like anything as if the entire organisation is running because of me,but when I felt that things are getting over and above me I again applied the law of compensation.I worked in a lethargic way,with the Boss's expression that hello you are being paid for the work. Just to state another example for this law of compensation,once I happened to spend 20,000 bugs for my acne treatment at kaya clinic(never go for it).Actually its a deep secret,because as in till date I have told my pals that I had spend 10,000 bugs for the treatment.By hearing the fifty percent amount itself,there mouth was wide open.It would have been difficult to stretch the mouth beyond that limit.Thereby,with due concern to their jaws I never revealed the hundred percent amount to them.Even after disclosing the fifty percent amount I had to bear with loads of jokes for being so insane and for spending so much on such useless activities.After disclosing the entire amount they would have made a laughter serial upon me.Till date, I receive promotional mails from kaya clinic as I have been their platinum customer.I feel as if the words dear customer are screaming with great elation that we have robbed you when you were awake and this mail is an attempt to rob you again.However, to compensate such a huge spending ,I have been curtailing my expenses pertaining to Beauty parlours.I just hope I don't cancel the bridal makeup during my wedding,just to compensate the huge amount I have spend at kaya clinic.

I think that the almighty has created me with an uncanny attitude,that of a square wave.The wave goes up and down after equal intervals of time.Just imagine If someday I become CEO of a company,hold on your smile I just told to imagine.The Company would make huge profits in the first quarter,and the employees and stakeholders would starve in the consecutive quarter.

Life is an incredible journey.After a consistent and long stroll we ought to take a break and sit besides the pathway.It doesn't mean that to compensate the long and tiring journey,we ought to take such a long break that the herd with which you are moving moves ahead of you and you are left alone in the woods.Life is too short wasting time for this petty compensations.


  1. Well, I must say..a well expressed thoughts..
    and it's so true also that once in a while we all have to compensate...

    Keep the good work coming!!!

  2. u spent 20 K on kaya .. :P lol..i should call up natu n tel him about it...hehe

  3. very well written.. impressed by ur thots.. :)