Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chalta hai....

Today I am sitting back in my room, bunking my class and writing this blog..Usually whenever my spirits are low and down, the nightmares of my educational loan which I have taken to pursue my MBA makes me alert and stable. And again I start back with my studies with full energy. Whenever the echo of the loan installment strikes my ear, I get back to the track and start running. But today Alas!! Nothing is working. May be because when life becomes a dopler effect of unwanted events, these mere nightmares won’t affect much. But why am I sitting here and bunking my Economics class. Because today I don’t care, I don’t care even if India’s inflation is rising, I don’t care what measures government is taking to curb the inflation, I don’t care even if the tightening of the monetary policy is a short run measure for curbing inflation, I don’t care why aggregate demand and supply curves are not meeting. Now let me not deviate from why am I actually feeling so sad and down…So here I go..
When I was in school, reaching school on time was a huge battle for me, though my school was only 10 minutes walking distance from my home. The dawn started with my struggle to get up, get ready and reach school. Our school gate closed sharp at 7:15AM.I was a good athlete, so somehow everyday I managed to enter that gate. As in my mom, is also a latelatif.She also doesn’t manage to be on time. So very smartly I can put the entire blame on her, or put it in biological terms that “I am a late Comer because my mom’s DNA has overridden my dad’s DNA in me”. Everyday after coming from office my dad enquired whether I reached school on time or not and I used to tell him chalta hai even if we are late sometimes in our life.
When I was in Engineering College my roomie always instructed me to do the assignments and few subjects related to computers very religiously. But I always turned deaf to her suggestions.
I used to tell her chalta hai, even if we don’t take it so seriously. Sometimes she yelled at me for taking things lightly. But then I feel engineering itself consists of all chalta hai attitude people. Although my roomie was an exception.
And then when I moved into job and all , a very close friend of mine also got the hint of my chalta hai attitude. Time and again he always instructed me to work sincerely,to play the game to the fullest,to believe that the seeds of hard work always germinates into success etc etc…
Although I was fortunate enough to get the timely tonic during each stage of my life to cure my chalta hai syndrome.Half of the problems in our life would be reduced if the system and constitution around us get rid of this chalta hai syndrome.Why the government is unable to combat terrorism?Bcoz they think chalta hai ,if some innocents become random target in a bomb blast or firing.Why metros in our country are not as clean as they are in US and other developed countries?Bcoz people in our country think chalta hai, even if they throw some bits of garbage in open and not in the dusbin.Why government is unable to provide ample amount of universities and colleges to the students?Bcoz they think chalta hai, even if a deserving candidate is deprived of getting the education in the institution of his or her choice.Why is it so that after paying so much of taxes by the residents of mumbai,every monsoon they ought to face the predicaments due poor drainage system and negligence of government of towards it?Bcoz the government thinks chalta hai even if common people don’t make it to their offices during monsoons,due to their poor infrastructure.Why is it so that despite of such an overwhelming population, we have limited seats in railways?
And yes here I come, the reason behind why am I so depressed today. I wanted to visit some close friends of mine and I couldn’t get a train ticket in tatkal.I had a bad experience with bus journey where in the bus was delayed by 7 hrs from the scheduled time, so can’t opt for a bus and I am jobless which cancels the option for flight. It’s rightly said by Chetan Bhagat that why government don’t take some rational steps instead of running the embarrassing AIR INDIA.
Well why I couldn’t get a ticket.Bcoz the system thinks chalta hai even if there are a lot travelers and mere few seats, chalta hai if the irctc site couldn’t take the load of lakhs of people who are struggling for meagre seats,chalta hai if some old friends don’t meet up,chalta hai if some plans are cancelled…
This chalta hai is what which makes a difference between a developed nation and a developing nation, a successful person and a loser, an organized system and an unorganized system. A change would come when we chose nahi chalega over chalta hai, when we chose to fight over to resist, when we chose agitation over resilience. I am an optimistic person and thus waiting for that change……………..


  1. A nice and thoght provoking blog I must say...
    "Chalta Hai" attitude is seriously one thing we need to fight wid..
    Monali, great going!!

  2. Nicely written blog. A couple comments:

    This chalta hain attitude is not just in the government and the system...its in the people because after all the government and system are both made up from individuals from the community. Unfortunately the number of people on the "Nahi Chalega" team are too few while the "Chalta hain" team is much stronger in numbers...hence the voice of the Nahi Chalega team goes unheard. Its the people who have to change first from Chalta hain team to Nahi Chalega team and the government will follow suit. This is one thing I observed in the US that the common people are all on the Nahi Chalega team. Involvement of the community is very serious in public matters; something we should learn from the west and improve our country.

  3. @Atul:I agree completely wid u..

  4. Like this story. U think a lot monali.

  5. Hey Monali,

    I guess you have hit the right nerve of the problem that is at the root of all our woes...
    Unfortunately no one wants to take action... and the worst is when people willing/capable of doing something are prevented from doing it...

    On a different note... brilliant piece of writing...
    waiting to read more from your pen....

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  7. @amit thanks yar..dis gives inspiration 2 write..ppl lik u read so i write:)