Friday, January 15, 2010

Nostalgic Tunnels..

Note:All characters in this blog are real and any resemblance to fiction is purely coincidental

owards my odyssey of MBA, till date I have come across lot of highs,lows and also nostalgic tunnels.Yup nostalgic tunnels…My institution has an uncanny pattern of case-study methodology..They call it teaching through discussion mode and not lecture mode,wherein each day we ought to prepare 3-4 cases on an average.we are suppose to do the background study of each and every case, as in why and how XYZ company implemented this and that and etc etc...For each and every point which we make in the class, we are been evaluated on the basis of the same.Many a times, there is evaluater sitting at the back of the lecture theatre, who marks the grades A , B , C on the basis of the validity of our point.During lectures,many a times this very thought is rumbling on the mind of the students,we really don’t care if the interest rate of the bonds are going down, but what if the grades marked by the evaluator in front of our seat number goes down.Sometimes I fail to understand that are the professors imparting knowledge or trying to create an atmospheric pressure in the classroom wherein the oxygen levels are going down and the blood pressure levels are going up.Neverthless with the passage of time every student is accustomised to these low levels of oxygen and high levels of BP

Mostly these cases are based upon the recent happenings in the Business world,but the predicament for me comes when,the case study comprises of Satyam Computers, my X company.Mostly till date they have covered majority of the subjects which comprised of case study related to Satyam.For instance VPP At Mahindra satyam in human resource,Financial scam at satyam in financial management,whether take over of satyam was merger, acquisition or amalgamation in legal business Environmnet subject etc etc..And whenever we had this kinda case studies, the emotional part of my mind has always lost the battle with my logical mind.Very swiftly,it escapes from the classroom to the nostalgic tunnel, to the training days which I had spent at Satyam.And then I see lots and lots of faces in the tunnel..Lets see those faces…

Kabhi Kabhi phir se STC lautane ka mann karta hai..
Phir ek bar unn masti wali galiyo se guzarneka ka mann karta hai

Jaha yaro ka yar hua karta tha Sambaran akka Samby
Waise the ye bade sentimental ,but at times hua karte the funny..
1st April ko jus to fool him meine kaha innse that my roomie has a crush on him,and that was a joke
Didn’t knew inke dil mein ho jayengi uss din se feelings evoke.
And then hona kya tha meri Room partner
Ab hai inki Life partner..

Phir ek bar waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha insanity ki limit cross hua karti thi
Jaha hua karta tha Nitin Laroia akka Nattu
Hero bante the ye,par the slightly phattu
Nautanki mein no one could beat him till date
Aur jaha baat ho skin competition ki, waha hum karte inko number one rate
Waise sabko ullu banane mein ye rahe hai champ hamesha
Aur apne aap ko high maintainance rakhna tha inka aim hamesha.

Phir ek bar waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha Knowledge ka flow bhi by chance hua karta tha
Kyunki waha hua karte the Vidya Singh Bhushan akka Vidyaji
Respect badi kiya karte the hum inki
Kyunki .NET ,java ke the ye Guru
Aur hamari coding ki story hoti thi innse shuru
Waise batch ki ladkiya bhi deti inko bada importance
And Vidyaji used to like it at each instance

Phir ek bar waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha Guitar chords strike hua karte thi
Jaha hua karta tha Matthias Gergan akka Matt
Sweet sa kiddo lagta tha,par tha bahut woh sharp
Group ka tha woh silent soul
And run time compositions mein tha uska lead role
Aaj bhi inki Guns n Roses ki chords ‘Knockin on’
Karti hai hamare dillo ke darwaze par knock knock

Phir waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha laughter bursted like never before
Kyunki waha hua karti thi Supriya Koul akka Su akka gulabo
Entertainment ki ye queen thi and hasaya karti thi ye sabhiko
Sali sabse peeta karti thi
And phir kehti dono nitin’s ko dog thi
Waise madam ka fanclub bahut bada tha
Aur inke hydi leave karne par na jane itne dil tute the

Phir waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha innocence hua karta tha
Kyunki waha hua karti thi Sarita Vishvakarma akka saddu
Bholi bhali masoomiyat ka thi ye definition
Galti se aa gayi thi ye devils ki gang mein
Dil ke sab ache lagte the isse iss gang mein
Dis masoomiyat ka definition used to order only fruitpunch @ TDS
Time passed,definition changed and order turned to vodka and tequila @ TDS

Phir waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha sweet si smile hua karti thi
Kyunki hua karte the waha Nitin akka Sablok
Zyada bolne se thi inko thodi allergy
Har baat ko logically interpret karna inki hobby thi
But hamari most of the trips,bcuz of him successful thi
Waise US jakar ho gaye hai pardesi
Yaad inko aati nahi hamari, ab nahi rahe ye desi

Phir waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha hua karta tha bada hisab kitab
Kyunki hua karte the waha Roshan Joshi akka Sethji
Aise the ye hisaab ke bade pakke
Hisab tha inka to the point
Not a penny more , not a penny less tha inka viewpoint
The reason why we called,Sethji had its own magnitude
Kyunki tha inme seth ka attitude

Phir waha lautane ka mann karta hai jaha hua karti thi true friendship
Kyunki waha hua karte the Ravi Bhatt akka Ravi
Aur ladkiyo ke case mein ye the thode checklist savy
Most of his phrases,”aise ladki ho n waisi ho”
But such kinda of gals exists in fiction
But finally inko mil gayi hai inki miss perfect
And v all wish him all the very best!!!!

Phir se ek bar nahi bar bar laute ka mann karta hai jaha hua karti thi flirting bhi
Kyunki waha hua karte the Praveen Gupta akka Guptaji
Line inpar hum bahut mara karte the
Till the end he couldn’t get that, by the way
Acha khasa RBI tha woh, without any interest rate
And jab baat ho dosti n helping ki to hote the ye sabse agge rate.

So here the tunnel ends,there’s a smile being drawn on my face and gently I come back to the Lecture Theatre,silently listens to the jargons everyone throwing about the case.
Everyone of us has these nostalgic tunnels in our lives.No matter howmuchever busy you are,just take out few minutes, go back and visit these nostalgic tunnels.That’s enough to draw a smile on your face…..