Saturday, April 10, 2010


When I was small, my baffled mind questioned my mom with great curiosity,

That how come the almighty remember the wishes of so many worshipers ?

She used to answer ma juvenile question very gently

That, this entire sky is the notepad of the almighty.

He pen downs all the wishes made by his believers,

Upon his indeterminate notepad, and thereby act in everyone’s favors.

Since then I used to close ma eyes, and pray to the god about ma wishes

Thinking that the almighty is noting down ma wishes.

I used to wonder on which part of the sky ma wish has been jotted down

I thanked him for fulfilling ma wishes & giving me the fruits for the seeds I had sown

But now why ain’t he listening to me?

Hasn’t he jotted down ma wishes or erased it somewhere from his infinite sky?

May be some fantasies should remain only fantasies

May be some ecstasies should remain only ecstasies

May be, he doesn’t fulfill some of our wishes

So that we always realize, what loss is……