Just a Thought......

A thought for the eyes, that were never read,
For the words that were never said.
A thought for the questions which were never answered,
For the wounds which were never healed.

A thought for the mother who lost her son in the battleground,
For the lost smile which was never found.
A thought for the oldies who ought to stay at old age homes,
For the civilization that burn in poverty flames.

A thought for the beauty that was unnoticed,
For the beautiful mind, that was never praised.
A thought for the solitary hostelite, staying away from home,
For the love that was left uncomplete.

A thought for the prostitute who hates her job,
For the spider who gets tangled in his own web.
A thought for the tears, that never shed,
For the hungry stomach which was never fed.

A thought for the broken heart,
For the mistaken aim at the dart.
A thought for the thoughts that were never understood,
For the thoughts besides whom nobody stood.



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Monali believes in life, as a beautiful journey, which comes in a package of good as well as bad, some sweetness and some sourness too... Writing helps her vent out, makes her happy, the way no other thing does. Monali believes in the power of words, for words can inspire, educate, raise voice, draw a smile, trickle a tear and touch your heart. Monali also has lot of lines on her palm and people say that the more the number of lines you have,the more you think.This blog is just to jot down those thoughts and a justification to those lines. Apart from writing, she also loves clicking pics and believes that writing and photography are so much related.. While words draw the pictures, emoting pictures frame the words.

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