Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just a Thought......

A thought for the eyes, that were never read,
For the words that were never said.
A thought for the questions which were never answered,
For the wounds which were never healed.

A thought for the mother who lost her son in the battleground,
For the lost smile which was never found.
A thought for the oldies who ought to stay at old age homes,
For the civilization that burn in poverty flames.

A thought for the beauty that was unnoticed,
For the beautiful mind, that was never praised.
A thought for the solitary hostelite, staying away from home,
For the love that was left uncomplete.

A thought for the prostitute who hates her job,
For the spider who gets tangled in his own web.
A thought for the tears, that never shed,
For the hungry stomach which was never fed.

A thought for the broken heart,
For the mistaken aim at the dart.
A thought for the thoughts that were never understood,
For the thoughts besides whom nobody stood.


  1. Monali Churi the writer!! Nice one.. I liked it :))

  2. wahhhhhh, batakkkkk, India has got talent....n u prove tht on n on.....