Friday, July 30, 2010

Adding Punctuation Marks to your Life……..

Life has got those commas,
Pausing everything and holding all those masses
And then it has got so many question marks,
Pouring us into the holler, that is dark.
And again it has those inverted commas,
Highlighting some of the specialties
And then there are also some of those semicolon,
To let you know that, you still have far to go.
And then life too has some exclamations,
To make you believe, that still there exist those thrilling notions.
And then it has got those hyphen,
To make you realize the meaning of parting and separation.
It’s all about, dealing with these punctuation marks,
Making your own sentences, choosing your own words.
It’s all about where to begin a bracket and where to end a bracket.
About where to put a comma and where to end with a fullstop.