Saturday, August 21, 2010

Random school of thoughts.........

Silence that’s meant for the graveyards, we are alive people, so don’t let this silence override your life. Make some commotions by stirring your ambitions, so that this silence never prevails.
Insanity, that’s important..Don’t let that child in you, loose its essence. We need to be insane, act dumb at times to wash out those traces of seriousness. Insanity is the the best detergent to wash out the dirt of agony from our life.
Dry leaf, you ought not to be like that, bcuz it moves with the direction of wind..Be like a strong stone, that doesn’t move away, no matter how harsh the force of water or wind drives it away..
People, they are very important and we need them bcuz first chapter of civics in school taught that human being is a social animal. So Try to tie them with strings of love and benevolence..Don’t worry how many remain in this string..Don’t ever break this string, no matter even if some move out of this string…
Everything in life doesn’t give you perks, but still attempt those things…Attend some nice lectures even though there is no attendance for it :))
Tough times mean a lot; they let you know your caliber..Whenever before exams, I prayed to the almighty for simple paper, one of my friend used to tell me, there is no fun if the paper is easy.
One of my fav professors says, Smile by the way is an art, and not science..It’s a science for dentist..So always keep smiling..You never know there are several smiles attached to your smile.
Ego, don’t let it intrude into your inner self…It’s like a termite eating wood, it destroys your inner self without you being informed about it…
Understanding, yeah you need that medicine..When I was in school, I used to mug up the chapters of history. My dad then explained me not to mug up the chapters, but to understand them.Bcuz understanding makes things easier. That’s why understanding is important, not only theorems, equations, concepts, theories but also understanding people. It always nice to know that someone understands you.

Practical, you ain't have to be that always...Bcuz life isn't digital electronics to judge everything in zero and one..There are some things that lie between a zero and one...

Adventures, without them you haven’t led your life…If you hesitate doing any adventure, think life won’t give you this opportunity again and go for it…


  1. One of the best blogs..
    btw when u get d time to write this??
    and I loved "Everything in life doesn’t give you perks, but still attempt those things…Attend some nice lectures even though there is no attendance for it :))"

    atleast we are practising this!

  2. thanks neha..didn't write everything in one go...wrote many things after srikanth sir's lect:))))

  3. anamika priyadarshiniAugust 25, 2010 at 10:48 AM

    I second a lot of thoughts put here...

  4. i loved the insanity one...too good...