Sunday, December 19, 2010


I keep on refreshing this page every now and then, looking out for status messages, looking out for comments and people getting tagged. Unlike Robert Frost’s Mending wall, the facebook wall is a mode of connecting people, giving rise to a buzzword what we call Socialnetworking.But when I look into the facebook wall, deep down I can find different characters, different attitudes, and different faces of human behavior. Yes we can categorize the facebookers based on their status messages, their likings and the frequency with which they login. Following are the prestigious categories of facebookers:

High Networking Individuals (HNI’s):

Like the HNI’s (High net worth Individuals) in capital markets, there are high networking individuals on facebook.These individuals are found with large digit in their friends tab.Moreover, these HNI’s keep on sending friend’s request to unknown people, thereby acquiring more and more space for social networking. If you check out their face book wall, each and every minuscule detail of the day is being recorded i.e. feeling sleepy in office, lunch was superb etc.etc Except for going to loo, all the daily activities are mentioned on FB wall. Nevertheless, these individuals are precious bcuz they have driven the valuation of FB to 25 billion dollar and made Mark Zukenburg an accidental billionaire.

Informative & Humorous facebookers:

These kinda facebookers ought to provide the links with latest happenings pertaining to either technology or some political news. They also keep you updated with the recent happenings in sports be it soccer or be it cricket. But this segment of facebookers is a niche segment. We can find that the people commenting upon their status messages or link also belong to this niche segment.

Humorous facebookers deserves a sure shot like for the best, original one liner status messages which ought to draw an impeccable smile on your face.

Communication gap facebookers:

This species of facebookers is a different variety, different because they communicate through facebook, even though they are sitting besides eachother, different because they convey their feelings through facebook.To substantiate this fact a conversation between two room partners on FB wall in the same room:

Roomie1: u lookin cool in this pic

Roomie2: Thanks…whr r d other pics of the trip..i suppose u have it..

XYZ: WTF, u r roomies rgt..turn around and talk..

Not only roommates, even couples use FB to convey their expressions. A girl joined this group in her activities after a strong fight with her boyfriend, "While studying I keep looking at my cell phone if any messages have come!!”.And guess what she gotta message..So it actually works for these communication gap facebookers.

Health Updating facebookers :

These facebookers are pretty pathetic and irritating, because they would mention the malfunctioning of their body physiology on FB. Their status messages are kinda , “Caught by a cold”, “Sneeeeeeezzzzzz,,, not feeling well” and “down with fever”. I wonder what would be their status message, if they had constipation or loose motion. Would it be “Constipation is killing me” or “loose motions bringing me down”. Anyhow, what is their expectancy theory with regard to this? Obviously we won’t give a like to such kinda status message and in comment we can’t write more than get well soon. I wish FB had a WTF button..

Show Off facebookers:

Last but not the least Show off facebookers, the most interesting category of facebookers.They have a unique way of showing off stuff through their status messages. For instance, status message of a normal facebooker, “Banglore calling” is a information being conveyed to the friends that you are heading to banglore, but the status message of a showoff facebooker “banglore flying” connotes that, you are not only heading towards Banglore but also you don’t come in that category, that rely upon Indian railways for travelling. Again one more to go, “US calling or US flying” is a information passing status message by a normal facebooker, but the status message by a showoff facebooker goes something like this, “@Starbucks in Dubai, and one more flight to go, to reach NY” sounds outrageously showoff.If you decode the ASCII characters of this message, it states to the reader that, asshole you are good for nothing, you better just read this message and envy about it:)

Unfortunately we don’t have any category known as Genuine facebooker.So lets assume a hypothetical genuine facebooker. What would be his status message pertaining to the travelling plan? It would be something like “Booked ticket for Sampark Kranti Express in sleeper coach for next week, but its 100 waiting, just hoping to get the waitlist cleared

Now jokes apart and on a serious note, its true that, social networking sites are acting like the chlorophyll of our life, like the oxygen we intake to breath in and out. But lets not forget, that bonding is although more important than networking. Having thousand friends on FB is of no use, if not even one can understand you, read your mind, run for you when you are in trouble.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Grow Up.....

Walking down through the lanes in the flashback times,

When immaturity was as fresh as thymes.

Precisely measuring the chocolate bar before sharing.

Kicking and punching with siblings resembling pigs fighting.

And there arrives the referee, mom to make things upright.

Her anger filled voice and words scream loudly Grow Up….

Through the valley of backbenches, where frolic was set up.

Away from the teacher’s proximity, place to start up.

Red pen marks stating very poor, homework incomplete to round up,

Mam yelling at the peak of her voice Grow Up….

Roaming around the beaches of teenage,

When the sea shells are at their vantage.

Heart is being damaged and spirit goes down in the trash dump.

Calmly the Best friend explains, get over it and Grow Up….

Heading towards that blurred turning point,

Inquisitive to know, if at all it has some resting joint.

Way to those unanswered questions, does marriage needs to be sign up?

Softly, dad’s eyes conveyed Grow Up…