Friday, December 16, 2011


Ahh dear you got that crossword wrong there, Love isn't that blind.
It does come along with a package of If and Else.

And you don't try holding that sand in your clenched fingers,
Bcuz some things in life are meant to let go.

And Sweetie you don't just define those self-proclaimed and overrated little things of yours as problems or as pain.
The day when you understand, the predicament of a mother who ought to tell her little children’s that today is the day when they need to sleep empty stomachs as they don’t' have food to cook.
That day I will listen to your problems and to your pain as well.

And you know this world needs more of sweetness than that of sulkiness
So stop shading those salty teardrops, Bcuz your smile is really sweet

And sweetheart, no matter even they remain incomplete or no matter they are broken, don't you ever stop dreaming.
Bcuz that’s what makes life get going.

And it's alright if you make a mistake, that’s one of the attributes that define a human being.
But don't you ever make those mistakes which slides down a heartache

And also you ought to believe this, that the dark clouds of despair would disappear soon,
Bcuz seasons do change and so shall you will get your share of sunshine.

And you heard it right, you won't be satisfied no matter how much ever you earn
But the truth is you were more happy when you earned less and had more content.

And trust me the game is gonna get dirtier, you are gonna get more wounds and the rules are gonna be all the more molded
But don't you ever give up upon your sportsman spirit and the zeal to appeal to the umpire.

And you would be lost at times,
But don't worry at least you know you ought to get one magnetic needle to get the directions.

And then there would be those days of loneliness,
But you know, the star away from the cluster, shines the most.

And don't you dare giving that, take a chill pill attitude to your mom, She was more cool before you were born
The day you discover logic behind her uncool notions, you gonna hit the hard wall of reality.

And I know that you know that the society is a hypocrite and so you don't wanna give a damn to it
But still you give, Bcuz dad says that you ought to follow the rules of the fields on which you play.

And if you don’t have it in you, try to learn empathy
Bcuz that’s how you can get your toes into the shoes of other person and can know how it feels to have a shoe bite.

And remember it’s only you who knows the you in you.
You may have fear and agonies but you do have the strength and perseverance and thus you is never gonna give up:)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Baba !!!!!!!

For you believed, there’s a sane mind behind my insanity,
I could fill the way which was full of vanity.
For you said its okay for my failures,
I could sail through the rough sailings.
For you held my hand, when I fell during the race,
I could get up again, and score an ace.
For you said to value people more than object,
I believed in humanity as a subject.
For you said life is much more than what I thought of,
I changed the lens through which I view life.
For you taught happiness also lies in small things,
I never missed a single moment of minuscule happiness.
For you give that impeccable smile,
I wanna do all that to stretch the same to a mile.

Happy birthday Baba!!!!!

It's gotta be Dad’s 61th birthday and also the time when he’s getting retired from his job…Ahhh, time just flies..Still remember those days when he used to yell at me, when I used to be late for school, call me to ensure whether I am safe while I was traveling, whether I reached my hostel, ensured whether I had enough money for my expenses, ensured whether I am alright or not…and the list goes on..I know; ask any daughter to praise her dad and she goes on and on and on…Even dad’s follow this biased theory towards his daughters.. No matter how much ever bad your recipe turns out and how much ever bad your academic performance goes, he will say its good, at least you tried the recipe and don’t worry at least you scored this much. And that’s why Dad remains the only superhero in every daughter’s life, because deep down she knows that nobody is ever gonna love her and care for her, the way her Dad does.....This birthday is a reminder to me, of taking up the responsibilities, give up my unruly ways and grow up; not just a little bit, but grow up to a greater extent :)

Saturday, October 29, 2011

tions of life...

The title sounds little weird and so does the blog. It can be a source of annoyance too, so better read this when you are high and trust me you will agree upon it..So here it goes...

Reaction: Reaction, that’s important, to make you feel that you are alive and to make others feel that you do care.

Preservation, it’s necessary to keep the good memories alive.. Always preserve the photographs, videos and notes of good times..

Assumptions, can be hazardous at times if made about life and people.. It’s something that has to be made in the theorems, theories and research work ..

Calculation: Some things in life doesn’t need any calculation..some things doesn’t have to be put into is equal to equation..Some things doesn’t actually have a give and take criteria..Calculation has to be done about how much time is left out with you and whats the size of your wish list..

Example of calculation:If you are approaching late 20’s, then approximately you have 1400 weekends left out with you, out of which some 600 weekends would be spent with your kids, their traveling, their education, their summer vacations etc etc, some 300 weekends would be devoted to your spouse, 300 weekends, if your spouse is understanding , it adds to total of 500 weekends with spouse in case, your spouse is not understanding, you can take the additional 200 weekends in sorting out the fights..With this, you are left out with a bunch of 300 weekends only meant for you…Now jot down your bucket list and figure out whether 300 weekends could do justice to your bucket list..

Result of calculation : Life is too short to spend time in hating someone, clinging over the same things, taking too long in letting go, procrastination and ego tussles.

Resolution, something which comes after failures, when tears stop, when something good has to happen over bad, when determination awakes. Resolution needs to be made, breaking of the same are reminders of how lethargic you have turned?

Manipulation, Yes we all manipulate our heart and mind with our own little games of manipulations to be happy. And being happy is not a crime and so is not manipulation.

Liberation, Its something which all of us need, Its something which a father gives to his daughter, citizens have it in a free nation, couples ought to have it in a relationship. But with liberation, comes drawing our own boundary lines. Boundary lines needs to be drawn to keep the quintessence of liberation

Temptations are a must in life, but the kinda temptations for blueberry muffins, temptations for walnut brownie, temptations for KFC bucket, temptations for some extra sleep before waking up..Not the kinda temptations which Tiger woods had..

Irritation, something which you would be feeling after reading this in normal state..Although I warned you in the beginning :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

It’s indeed a turning Point

Yes it’s a triumph, not of India winning world cup match, neither it’s triumph at Tahrir Square , it’s triumph of India’s democracy, it’s triumph of a new ideology over the ideology that the system cannot be changed , ideology that India cannot run without corruption. Yes its an important moment for our generation, who have studied democracy as a definition, of the people, for the people and by the people in their civics textbook and actually witnessing it happen , who have studied Gandhian era in their history textbooks but are fortunate enough to witness the Anna’s era. Let me quickly take you through the phases of this fantabulous revolution. Yes revolution, which is inscribed in our hearts and minds, and revolution which we would narrate to our grandchildren (finally our generation has something to narrate to our grandchildren)

India mein sab chalta hai types attitude

When the demands regarding drafting of a strong Lokpal bill came forward for uprooting corruption from the country, I have heard many of friends actually concluding that India mein sab chalta hai and India cannot run without corruption. But it’s not our fault, we have been imbibed these things in our inner self’s that if a person tries to change the system, the entire system changes the person. Unity is strength is something we have studied in moral lesson stories in school. We never thought that it would actually work.

Only our hearts are with you

And then it started with drafting of a strong Jan Lokpal bill and opposition to the government form of Lokpal bill with massive support from people all over the country. But when CNN IBN conducted a poll to know actually how many people knew the difference between the government lokpal bill and Jan Lokpal version, more then 70% of the respondents didn’t know the difference between them. Just look at the irony of the situation, people blindly opposing the government, this itself shows how the government has failed to represent the nation as a whole. It was later on that through distribution of pamphlets and speeches in the organized protests, the differences between the bills were made clear.

Anna’s arrest

When a person is drowning in quicksand, he would rather take the help of other person trying to pull him out of the quicksand rather than pulling the same person into the quicksand. But government failed to understand this fact .Anna’s arrest further ignited the anger amongst people, thereby drowning the government into quicksand. Anna’s arrest gave a turning point to the revolution.

And then there were some good cover-ups by the politicians stating reason for Anna’s arrest. One of those were given by Renuka Chawdary, stating that Anna was been arrested on security grounds, as around 15th August the country was on high alert. When asked by Times now, “Why in god’s name in entire Delhi, did they find only Tihar jail to arrest and keep Anna”. She replied, that in that case we would be consulting Times Now henceforth for the same...Nobody knew what she wanted to convey finally, may be the message was that the government is naked already but they want the people to change their vision and look at them with virtual clothes on them..

We all were always ready, just that we needed a leader

A common man always thought that he has to live in this system with its ways, until a ray of hope came in their lives in the form of Anna and they started to believe that Yes a change can be brought about. This revolution is a result of anger, frustration and disgust that was filled amongst the people since ages...It’s just that they needed a lamp in the form of Anna to burn this anger into ashes...And Yes the anger burned and the ashes gave rise to Phoenix, a new turning point to our democracy...

Ways of fashion Change & Brand Anna

For me, I have always associated the Anna cap, with my Nanaji as it’s a part of his dress code. Not even me but I guess everyone of my generation in their remotest part of their mind would have never thought of this that the Anna cap with “I am Anna hazare” written on it would become a fashion icon. Also, in our remotest dreams we never imagined inkfruit and Tantras coming up with T-shirts with taglines “I am Anna Hazara and I am against Corruption”. The prices of the caps and T-shirts went up because of surge in its demand. Also, for us, buying and selling of tricolor was meant only on days like 26th Jan and 15th August, but we never witnessed so many tricolors waving for a national cause.

Also, case studies named Brand-Anna have been published in B-school, stating that Anna created a Product called Janlokpal bill by sensing the latent need of people who were frustrated with corruption. Well it’s only a B-school which can convert a revolution for a national cause into a case study highlighting it with marketing jargons.

We support the ends and Not the Means

And with huge mass of people supporting for the ends and means, there was a bunch not supporting the means of the revolution. This is how the markets work with two kind of people. But the people, who opposed to the means of this revolution, neither gave a solution to achieve to the ends. A strong argument should always be supported by a definite solution and if you fail to do so, then go and join I like Arundhati Roy page on FB. Arundhati Roy demonstrated the freedom of expression, by writing all the cons of this movement, finding faults with Anna Hazare and team, shifting the focus towards all other national issues and again diplomatically supporting the cause to uproot corruption. But she gave not even a single solution to tackle the issue. So she’s a cribber and not a problem solver.

Everyone’s wearing a white cap, so I want to wear a black one

And then there was another set of people who believed in making a point of difference, that’s how I would look different. When all media channels were supporting the cause of Anna Hazare movement and made him a national hero, Times Now came up with a video against Anna Hazare with his fellow mates talking against him. Media playing with white and black caps can be understood but what made Nandan Nilekani to talk against this movement. In his interview he did mentioned that it’s an unnecessarily hyped movement, stating that not all politicians are corrupt and the entire matter should be viewed with a strategic and holistic approach. He further stated that he has seen the government and framework of France, UK and the USA and things don’t work like this. An experienced corporate honcho like Mr. Nilekani making such comments would surely disappoint the youngsters. Yes we agree not all politicians are corrupt and we were okay with it till the time they were only pickpocketers. This revolution was actually ignited when they started to rob our wardrobes. Also, in UK the 2G spectrum allocation was done by a professor of game theory unlike in India it was done by A raja and his group of ministers who would define 2G spectrum allocation as zero risk and high profit business.

And finally with all the stages of movement, with all the hue and cry, its triumph of People’s power. With clash of so many ideas, tug of war of ideologies, the resolution to pass the bill has come over. The point is not about who’s wining the man of the match, it’s about are we going to win the match or not. This bill is not going to uproot the corruption completely, but yes it’s the first step in the marathon, first step towards making a transparent and clean India. This bill comes to seal the loophole in the system where CVC is for recommendation purpose, CAG is for auditing purpose and above all CBI itself is handcuffed as even for registering FIR against any minister it needs to take permission from the department of that particular minister. Let this bill materialize and let it be the first step in the making of, India of our dreams.

Jai Hind

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.......

Dil ki gaharayio mein chupa dard bhi bhar jayega,

Aasuo ka sailaab bhi kabhi sukh jayega

Ye khamoshiyon ka kohra bhi haat jayega

Iss Dil ke rone ki aahat bhi tham jayegi

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega....

Hassi ki khidakiya aakhir kab tak bandh rahengi

Muskaan ki aandhi, usse kabhi to khol hi dengi

Gum ka saaya aakhir kab tak rahega

Khushiyo ki dhoop se usse kabhi to takrana hi hoga

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.....

Sapne tutkar, phir naye boon jayenge

Bhule hue raaste phir yaad aa jayenge

Phir ek nayi roshni bhara din bhi aayega

Dhire dhire ye dil bhi jeena sikh jayega

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.....

Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Like That!!!!!

I have been thinking of writing so many things since a long while, but haven’t penned down them. Not that I don’t have time. I have lot of it, because firstly I have normal working hours, secondly I have got an efficient maid at home and thirdly I am single. But as soon as some thought strikes my mind, it escapes to an uncanny vacuum, leaving behind so many incomplete articles and poems in my D drive’s folder, Blog. But today I am gonna write, no matter the thoughts escape to any vacuum or to any universe. I wanna write bcuz yesterday I read one article in the newspaper stating that writing keep levels of serotonin hormone up in your body and keeps you going, that’s why I ought to write today, that’s why I need to pen down something to kill this unusual anxiety. The same kinda anxiety I had in my school days, When I was heading towards the closing school gate, anxiety that I would be late, anxiety that I would be punished for being late, kind of Anxiety when your best friend is upset with you, kind of anxiety before the mechanics paper in engineering. So it’s Just Like That, to vent out myself.. And here’s a warning before you go ahead..Personally I don’t prefer reading blogs that are related to one’s personal happenings. I read such blogs that of my close pals, to know what’s rumbling beneath their neurons. So if you are disinterested in such blogs and you ain’t my close friend don’t take the risk of reading ahead and if you do so, drive at your own risk and follow your own roads..
Ahh Just Like That is not that cool and take it easy kind of word as we take it...It forms the answer to many unanswered questions that leads to nowhere. Why autowalas in Hyderabad don’t agree upon this that there is a correlation between distance traveled and amount charged. They charge so haphazardly...Its Just like That. Why their meter ain’t working half of the time? Just Like That. Why people pee upon the wall of a nice residential building? Just Like That…How come some people manage to incredibly irritate you so much...Why sometimes you feel like banging the person, you hate the most..Its Just Like…Why is it so that dopers don’t agree upon this that they are addicted..Its Just Like That...Why is it so that Stupid, silly questions of Sid have ended? Why Neha hits the negative chord first before the right positive chord is being struck? Why Sam has all of a sudden started talking sense because I always associated Sam with non-sense..Its’ Just Like that…Why mayu hasn’t called up me since a long time..Why I am unable to meet Anuli for the past three years, and while leaving college we thought that we would be meeting at least once in a year...It’s Just Like That…Why I feel that Samby, nuts, sadu, vidyaji , sablok , sippy, matt, sethji are residing on some other planet…Yeah you got it right It’s Just Like That…
Just Like That is a way of life...There's no specific definition to it..It's something which has so many may be's and so many possibly..And So my serotonin levels are up…Writing is such a relief, I am alive again…Hoping to complete those half written poems soon..Previously, I used to speak out, now I prefer to put it on paper….That’s why the people who knew me earlier think of me as a nonstop chit chatter and the one’s that know me now, believes me to be a silent soul..May be listeners have changed, may be there is no target audience or may be idiosyncrasies change or may be It’s just Like that…..

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Sachin!!!!!

For those impeccable innings of yours,

We believed in cricket as a religion.

For those outstanding centuries,

We crossed our fingers every time you neared the one.

For the virtue of your honesty,

We regarded you as the God of cricket.

For witnessing your impeccable game,

We hated the bowler who took your wicket

For those magnificent strokes,

We made those loud screams.

For those seamless boundaries,

We shared with our friends, those hi-phi’s.

For those modest words and eyes,

We loved you all these years.

For the victories, for the game, for the passion,

We will continue loving you years on years……

Here’s wishing the master blaster SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

May the godfather of cricket continue to play on and on. May those eyes that rise in the sky after every century to thank the almighty remain the same. May those eyes thanking Ramesh Tendulkar remain the same. May the virtue of that honesty in this world of lies remain the same. May no controversy ever surrounds this legend. May cricket remain as clean as Sachin. May it remain the game, the religion and the passion that unites India......