Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Sachin!!!!!

For those impeccable innings of yours,

We believed in cricket as a religion.

For those outstanding centuries,

We crossed our fingers every time you neared the one.

For the virtue of your honesty,

We regarded you as the God of cricket.

For witnessing your impeccable game,

We hated the bowler who took your wicket

For those magnificent strokes,

We made those loud screams.

For those seamless boundaries,

We shared with our friends, those hi-phi’s.

For those modest words and eyes,

We loved you all these years.

For the victories, for the game, for the passion,

We will continue loving you years on years……

Here’s wishing the master blaster SACHIN RAMESH TENDULKAR A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

May the godfather of cricket continue to play on and on. May those eyes that rise in the sky after every century to thank the almighty remain the same. May those eyes thanking Ramesh Tendulkar remain the same. May the virtue of that honesty in this world of lies remain the same. May no controversy ever surrounds this legend. May cricket remain as clean as Sachin. May it remain the game, the religion and the passion that unites India......