Monday, May 30, 2011

Just Like That!!!!!

I have been thinking of writing so many things since a long while, but haven’t penned down them. Not that I don’t have time. I have lot of it, because firstly I have normal working hours, secondly I have got an efficient maid at home and thirdly I am single. But as soon as some thought strikes my mind, it escapes to an uncanny vacuum, leaving behind so many incomplete articles and poems in my D drive’s folder, Blog. But today I am gonna write, no matter the thoughts escape to any vacuum or to any universe. I wanna write bcuz yesterday I read one article in the newspaper stating that writing keep levels of serotonin hormone up in your body and keeps you going, that’s why I ought to write today, that’s why I need to pen down something to kill this unusual anxiety. The same kinda anxiety I had in my school days, When I was heading towards the closing school gate, anxiety that I would be late, anxiety that I would be punished for being late, kind of Anxiety when your best friend is upset with you, kind of anxiety before the mechanics paper in engineering. So it’s Just Like That, to vent out myself.. And here’s a warning before you go ahead..Personally I don’t prefer reading blogs that are related to one’s personal happenings. I read such blogs that of my close pals, to know what’s rumbling beneath their neurons. So if you are disinterested in such blogs and you ain’t my close friend don’t take the risk of reading ahead and if you do so, drive at your own risk and follow your own roads..
Ahh Just Like That is not that cool and take it easy kind of word as we take it...It forms the answer to many unanswered questions that leads to nowhere. Why autowalas in Hyderabad don’t agree upon this that there is a correlation between distance traveled and amount charged. They charge so haphazardly...Its Just like That. Why their meter ain’t working half of the time? Just Like That. Why people pee upon the wall of a nice residential building? Just Like That…How come some people manage to incredibly irritate you so much...Why sometimes you feel like banging the person, you hate the most..Its Just Like…Why is it so that dopers don’t agree upon this that they are addicted..Its Just Like That...Why is it so that Stupid, silly questions of Sid have ended? Why Neha hits the negative chord first before the right positive chord is being struck? Why Sam has all of a sudden started talking sense because I always associated Sam with non-sense..Its’ Just Like that…Why mayu hasn’t called up me since a long time..Why I am unable to meet Anuli for the past three years, and while leaving college we thought that we would be meeting at least once in a year...It’s Just Like That…Why I feel that Samby, nuts, sadu, vidyaji , sablok , sippy, matt, sethji are residing on some other planet…Yeah you got it right It’s Just Like That…
Just Like That is a way of life...There's no specific definition to it..It's something which has so many may be's and so many possibly..And So my serotonin levels are up…Writing is such a relief, I am alive again…Hoping to complete those half written poems soon..Previously, I used to speak out, now I prefer to put it on paper….That’s why the people who knew me earlier think of me as a nonstop chit chatter and the one’s that know me now, believes me to be a silent soul..May be listeners have changed, may be there is no target audience or may be idiosyncrasies change or may be It’s just Like that…..