Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.......

Dil ki gaharayio mein chupa dard bhi bhar jayega,

Aasuo ka sailaab bhi kabhi sukh jayega

Ye khamoshiyon ka kohra bhi haat jayega

Iss Dil ke rone ki aahat bhi tham jayegi

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega....

Hassi ki khidakiya aakhir kab tak bandh rahengi

Muskaan ki aandhi, usse kabhi to khol hi dengi

Gum ka saaya aakhir kab tak rahega

Khushiyo ki dhoop se usse kabhi to takrana hi hoga

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.....

Sapne tutkar, phir naye boon jayenge

Bhule hue raaste phir yaad aa jayenge

Phir ek nayi roshni bhara din bhi aayega

Dhire dhire ye dil bhi jeena sikh jayega

Bas Waqt hai, ye bhi guzar jayega.....



  1. awesome... padhke dilkhush hogaya ...and positive attitude waali feeling aagayi andar :))

  2. @neha: thanku thanku
    @veena: thanks dear..
    @deba: thanks deba,, feels nice whn u develop positive attitude in someone..

  3. Kya baat hai Monali CHURI,
    Jo thi abhi tak hausale ki deewar ADHURI,
    Kar di tune apne bulad irado se PURI...

  4. this was so good! each line was crafted to perfection!!!

    Do check out my poems on

  5. awesome..जिंदगी एक उम्मीद है..इसको जीना ही है..वक़्त चाहे अच्छा हो या बुरा..जिंदगी का हर पल तो बस जीने के लिए ही होता है.

  6. Just No words to say! fabulous!

  7. @ankit : thanks for the appreciation and i love ur compositions too...
    @Solo Backpacker: truly said..
    @Ziya: Thank you so much dear...

  8. Felt really happy reading your beautiful poem. Just what I needed to recharge myself. It gave me a lot of hope that things will improve in my world and in the world outside. Keep writing. You can never predict how many people you will inspire and give new hope to.

  9. Hey monali ,
    I really liked your work !
    I was thinking may be you can give lyrics to my composition . I compose songs and also ghazals now . So we can create something beautiful .
    We can talk more if u interested.
    You can message me on fb too
    Abhimanyu raj singh
    Or my page ' my work'
    Have a nice day

  10. Last paragraph bestttttttttttt



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