Sunday, August 28, 2011

It’s indeed a turning Point

Yes it’s a triumph, not of India winning world cup match, neither it’s triumph at Tahrir Square , it’s triumph of India’s democracy, it’s triumph of a new ideology over the ideology that the system cannot be changed , ideology that India cannot run without corruption. Yes its an important moment for our generation, who have studied democracy as a definition, of the people, for the people and by the people in their civics textbook and actually witnessing it happen , who have studied Gandhian era in their history textbooks but are fortunate enough to witness the Anna’s era. Let me quickly take you through the phases of this fantabulous revolution. Yes revolution, which is inscribed in our hearts and minds, and revolution which we would narrate to our grandchildren (finally our generation has something to narrate to our grandchildren)

India mein sab chalta hai types attitude

When the demands regarding drafting of a strong Lokpal bill came forward for uprooting corruption from the country, I have heard many of friends actually concluding that India mein sab chalta hai and India cannot run without corruption. But it’s not our fault, we have been imbibed these things in our inner self’s that if a person tries to change the system, the entire system changes the person. Unity is strength is something we have studied in moral lesson stories in school. We never thought that it would actually work.

Only our hearts are with you

And then it started with drafting of a strong Jan Lokpal bill and opposition to the government form of Lokpal bill with massive support from people all over the country. But when CNN IBN conducted a poll to know actually how many people knew the difference between the government lokpal bill and Jan Lokpal version, more then 70% of the respondents didn’t know the difference between them. Just look at the irony of the situation, people blindly opposing the government, this itself shows how the government has failed to represent the nation as a whole. It was later on that through distribution of pamphlets and speeches in the organized protests, the differences between the bills were made clear.

Anna’s arrest

When a person is drowning in quicksand, he would rather take the help of other person trying to pull him out of the quicksand rather than pulling the same person into the quicksand. But government failed to understand this fact .Anna’s arrest further ignited the anger amongst people, thereby drowning the government into quicksand. Anna’s arrest gave a turning point to the revolution.

And then there were some good cover-ups by the politicians stating reason for Anna’s arrest. One of those were given by Renuka Chawdary, stating that Anna was been arrested on security grounds, as around 15th August the country was on high alert. When asked by Times now, “Why in god’s name in entire Delhi, did they find only Tihar jail to arrest and keep Anna”. She replied, that in that case we would be consulting Times Now henceforth for the same...Nobody knew what she wanted to convey finally, may be the message was that the government is naked already but they want the people to change their vision and look at them with virtual clothes on them..

We all were always ready, just that we needed a leader

A common man always thought that he has to live in this system with its ways, until a ray of hope came in their lives in the form of Anna and they started to believe that Yes a change can be brought about. This revolution is a result of anger, frustration and disgust that was filled amongst the people since ages...It’s just that they needed a lamp in the form of Anna to burn this anger into ashes...And Yes the anger burned and the ashes gave rise to Phoenix, a new turning point to our democracy...

Ways of fashion Change & Brand Anna

For me, I have always associated the Anna cap, with my Nanaji as it’s a part of his dress code. Not even me but I guess everyone of my generation in their remotest part of their mind would have never thought of this that the Anna cap with “I am Anna hazare” written on it would become a fashion icon. Also, in our remotest dreams we never imagined inkfruit and Tantras coming up with T-shirts with taglines “I am Anna Hazara and I am against Corruption”. The prices of the caps and T-shirts went up because of surge in its demand. Also, for us, buying and selling of tricolor was meant only on days like 26th Jan and 15th August, but we never witnessed so many tricolors waving for a national cause.

Also, case studies named Brand-Anna have been published in B-school, stating that Anna created a Product called Janlokpal bill by sensing the latent need of people who were frustrated with corruption. Well it’s only a B-school which can convert a revolution for a national cause into a case study highlighting it with marketing jargons.

We support the ends and Not the Means

And with huge mass of people supporting for the ends and means, there was a bunch not supporting the means of the revolution. This is how the markets work with two kind of people. But the people, who opposed to the means of this revolution, neither gave a solution to achieve to the ends. A strong argument should always be supported by a definite solution and if you fail to do so, then go and join I like Arundhati Roy page on FB. Arundhati Roy demonstrated the freedom of expression, by writing all the cons of this movement, finding faults with Anna Hazare and team, shifting the focus towards all other national issues and again diplomatically supporting the cause to uproot corruption. But she gave not even a single solution to tackle the issue. So she’s a cribber and not a problem solver.

Everyone’s wearing a white cap, so I want to wear a black one

And then there was another set of people who believed in making a point of difference, that’s how I would look different. When all media channels were supporting the cause of Anna Hazare movement and made him a national hero, Times Now came up with a video against Anna Hazare with his fellow mates talking against him. Media playing with white and black caps can be understood but what made Nandan Nilekani to talk against this movement. In his interview he did mentioned that it’s an unnecessarily hyped movement, stating that not all politicians are corrupt and the entire matter should be viewed with a strategic and holistic approach. He further stated that he has seen the government and framework of France, UK and the USA and things don’t work like this. An experienced corporate honcho like Mr. Nilekani making such comments would surely disappoint the youngsters. Yes we agree not all politicians are corrupt and we were okay with it till the time they were only pickpocketers. This revolution was actually ignited when they started to rob our wardrobes. Also, in UK the 2G spectrum allocation was done by a professor of game theory unlike in India it was done by A raja and his group of ministers who would define 2G spectrum allocation as zero risk and high profit business.

And finally with all the stages of movement, with all the hue and cry, its triumph of People’s power. With clash of so many ideas, tug of war of ideologies, the resolution to pass the bill has come over. The point is not about who’s wining the man of the match, it’s about are we going to win the match or not. This bill is not going to uproot the corruption completely, but yes it’s the first step in the marathon, first step towards making a transparent and clean India. This bill comes to seal the loophole in the system where CVC is for recommendation purpose, CAG is for auditing purpose and above all CBI itself is handcuffed as even for registering FIR against any minister it needs to take permission from the department of that particular minister. Let this bill materialize and let it be the first step in the making of, India of our dreams.

Jai Hind