Saturday, October 29, 2011

tions of life...

The title sounds little weird and so does the blog. It can be a source of annoyance too, so better read this when you are high and trust me you will agree upon it..So here it goes...

Reaction: Reaction, that’s important, to make you feel that you are alive and to make others feel that you do care.

Preservation, it’s necessary to keep the good memories alive.. Always preserve the photographs, videos and notes of good times..

Assumptions, can be hazardous at times if made about life and people.. It’s something that has to be made in the theorems, theories and research work ..

Calculation: Some things in life doesn’t need any calculation..some things doesn’t have to be put into is equal to equation..Some things doesn’t actually have a give and take criteria..Calculation has to be done about how much time is left out with you and whats the size of your wish list..

Example of calculation:If you are approaching late 20’s, then approximately you have 1400 weekends left out with you, out of which some 600 weekends would be spent with your kids, their traveling, their education, their summer vacations etc etc, some 300 weekends would be devoted to your spouse, 300 weekends, if your spouse is understanding , it adds to total of 500 weekends with spouse in case, your spouse is not understanding, you can take the additional 200 weekends in sorting out the fights..With this, you are left out with a bunch of 300 weekends only meant for you…Now jot down your bucket list and figure out whether 300 weekends could do justice to your bucket list..

Result of calculation : Life is too short to spend time in hating someone, clinging over the same things, taking too long in letting go, procrastination and ego tussles.

Resolution, something which comes after failures, when tears stop, when something good has to happen over bad, when determination awakes. Resolution needs to be made, breaking of the same are reminders of how lethargic you have turned?

Manipulation, Yes we all manipulate our heart and mind with our own little games of manipulations to be happy. And being happy is not a crime and so is not manipulation.

Liberation, Its something which all of us need, Its something which a father gives to his daughter, citizens have it in a free nation, couples ought to have it in a relationship. But with liberation, comes drawing our own boundary lines. Boundary lines needs to be drawn to keep the quintessence of liberation

Temptations are a must in life, but the kinda temptations for blueberry muffins, temptations for walnut brownie, temptations for KFC bucket, temptations for some extra sleep before waking up..Not the kinda temptations which Tiger woods had..

Irritation, something which you would be feeling after reading this in normal state..Although I warned you in the beginning :)