Happy Birthday Baba !!!!!!!

For you believed, there’s a sane mind behind my insanity,
I could fill the way which was full of vanity.
For you said its okay for my failures,
I could sail through the rough sailings.
For you held my hand, when I fell during the race,
I could get up again, and score an ace.
For you said to value people more than object,
I believed in humanity as a subject.
For you said life is much more than what I thought of,
I changed the lens through which I view life.
For you taught happiness also lies in small things,
I never missed a single moment of minuscule happiness.
For you give that impeccable smile,
I wanna do all that to stretch the same to a mile.

Happy birthday Baba!!!!!

It's gotta be Dad’s 61th birthday and also the time when he’s getting retired from his job…Ahhh, time just flies..Still remember those days when he used to yell at me, when I used to be late for school, call me to ensure whether I am safe while I was traveling, whether I reached my hostel, ensured whether I had enough money for my expenses, ensured whether I am alright or not…and the list goes on..I know; ask any daughter to praise her dad and she goes on and on and on…Even dad’s follow this biased theory towards his daughters.. No matter how much ever bad your recipe turns out and how much ever bad your academic performance goes, he will say its good, at least you tried the recipe and don’t worry at least you scored this much. And that’s why Dad remains the only superhero in every daughter’s life, because deep down she knows that nobody is ever gonna love her and care for her, the way her Dad does.....This birthday is a reminder to me, of taking up the responsibilities, give up my unruly ways and grow up; not just a little bit, but grow up to a greater extent :)



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Monali believes in life, as a beautiful journey, which comes in a package of good as well as bad, some sweetness and some sourness too... Writing helps her vent out, makes her happy, the way no other thing does. Monali believes in the power of words, for words can inspire, educate, raise voice, draw a smile, trickle a tear and touch your heart. Monali also has lot of lines on her palm and people say that the more the number of lines you have,the more you think.This blog is just to jot down those thoughts and a justification to those lines. Apart from writing, she also loves clicking pics and believes that writing and photography are so much related.. While words draw the pictures, emoting pictures frame the words.

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