Friday, December 16, 2011


Ahh dear you got that crossword wrong there, Love isn't that blind.
It does come along with a package of If and Else.

And you don't try holding that sand in your clenched fingers,
Bcuz some things in life are meant to let go.

And Sweetie you don't just define those self-proclaimed and overrated little things of yours as problems or as pain.
The day when you understand, the predicament of a mother who ought to tell her little children’s that today is the day when they need to sleep empty stomachs as they don’t' have food to cook.
That day I will listen to your problems and to your pain as well.

And you know this world needs more of sweetness than that of sulkiness
So stop shading those salty teardrops, Bcuz your smile is really sweet

And sweetheart, no matter even they remain incomplete or no matter they are broken, don't you ever stop dreaming.
Bcuz that’s what makes life get going.

And it's alright if you make a mistake, that’s one of the attributes that define a human being.
But don't you ever make those mistakes which slides down a heartache

And also you ought to believe this, that the dark clouds of despair would disappear soon,
Bcuz seasons do change and so shall you will get your share of sunshine.

And you heard it right, you won't be satisfied no matter how much ever you earn
But the truth is you were more happy when you earned less and had more content.

And trust me the game is gonna get dirtier, you are gonna get more wounds and the rules are gonna be all the more molded
But don't you ever give up upon your sportsman spirit and the zeal to appeal to the umpire.

And you would be lost at times,
But don't worry at least you know you ought to get one magnetic needle to get the directions.

And then there would be those days of loneliness,
But you know, the star away from the cluster, shines the most.

And don't you dare giving that, take a chill pill attitude to your mom, She was more cool before you were born
The day you discover logic behind her uncool notions, you gonna hit the hard wall of reality.

And I know that you know that the society is a hypocrite and so you don't wanna give a damn to it
But still you give, Bcuz dad says that you ought to follow the rules of the fields on which you play.

And if you don’t have it in you, try to learn empathy
Bcuz that’s how you can get your toes into the shoes of other person and can know how it feels to have a shoe bite.

And remember it’s only you who knows the you in you.
You may have fear and agonies but you do have the strength and perseverance and thus you is never gonna give up:)