Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!!!!!

Huh it’s over, 2011…If somebody would ask me to rate 2011 on a scale on 1-5, I would ask, for a negative rating scale. I know that’s how it turned out for me, nothing happened the way I wanted it to happen. And when I was in school, backstreet boys , I want it that way song was my fav one. I used to wait for it , o play on MTV select. Didn’t know that time as I would grow up, this song gonna contradict big time.

Anyhow, 2011 was a loss making year. We lost many of the living legend, Dev Anand Sahab, Shammi kapoor, Jagjit singh, Bhupen hazarika, Steve jobs and Dennis Ritchie (he’s gotta be the founder of C language, Irony being that no one paid tribute to a person without whom there would have been no OS, no iphones and no ipads)….And one more irony being, while we lost these legends, bastards like kasab are still alive…

Bollywood front also, wasn’t that shining with the humongous breakup of John-Bipasha and also we didn’t have those great movies, thus we ended up paying bugs for senseless movies. Although, Dirty picture was an exception, not because of the story, but bcuz of the audacity with which Vidya Balan exposed fatty celluloid on screen. Vidya Balan has discovered that good maintenance can give you a career in bollywood, but good acting can surely increase lifetime of your quality career. But personally I love such comebacks, especially after SRK made his disastrous sense of humor upon the dressing sense of Vidya Balan in one of the award function. SRK, Dirty picture is the answer to that disaster. And from SRK, it reminds me that possibly some marketing bug might have bitten him in 2011. He was featured everywhere for promotions of Ra-1.He even did one pathetic advertisement for toothpaste, just keep your fingers crossed that he doesn’t appear in kachava chap agarbatti advertisement in 2012.

And yeah on political front, we are still fighting for passing of a strong Jan lokpal bill. I suppose it’s time to apply the Mahabharata principles of lord Krishna to achieve the bill, i.e. twisting the principles to the greater extent to achieve the path of dharma. But still we witnessed a mind-blowing revolution for lokpal bill, which possibly our generation would have never get to see. And I suppose it was the year in which government changed the petrol prices for the maximum number of times, thereby creating intermittent gathering of crowd near the petrol pump during odd hours and also giving all the more great reasons to the autowallahs, not to follow the meter reading and fight with the commuters.

And now again coming back to me, 2011 has been the year in which the statistics of the legendry question, so when are you planning to settle down and blah blah…, has hit the maximum record. And the stats are so obvious, when you are nearing close to your 30’s. But this legendry question stands little annoying, yes the kind of annoyance you feel when Kareena mentions 3 idiots and bodyguard as her blockbusters movies (those movies were anyways gonna be a blockbuster, irrespective of the fact whichever actress was been casted in it), the kind of annoyance you feel when you are having some bad food, while watching Nigella’s Kitchen on TLC and the kind of annoyance which Vijay mallya would be feeling while Rajdeep Sardesai questions him in the interview, “Yes Mr. Mallya, so are you going to change the way of your lifestyle, while Kingfisher airlines is not doing well”. But is there any perfect 10 on 10 answer for this legendry question. May be you can say, of course I am an ordinary person and I will settle down sometime bcuz by not marrying or something I am not gonna be the next Ratan Tata who’s gonna give India a huge business empire. But the sad part is that you are not even an average celebrity, who can anytime give this as answer that as in for now I wanna focus on my career.

But 2011 was a great year when it comes to meeting new people. Met many new people..One good thing about meeting new people is that you get to know there are so many ways of living life and you can pick the best amongst them. Also, I gotta spend time with my school friends after almost a decade. The best part in life is when you meet old friends and find that things haven’t changed to that greater extend. It’s just that, then our laughs were kiddish and now the laughs are little matured, but glad that laughs still exist. Then we had spontaneous fun in classrooms, now we plan to have fun. Nevertheless, no matter howmuchever fun we have, it’s never gonna remotely even match the classroom fun we had. But some things in life remain static, the fact that school friends use to bear me earlier also and now also they ought to bear with me, with the same levels. Although by end of 2011, they almost had traces to disown me, but somehow with 2012, those traces swept off :D

And yes how can a New Year post miss out the term resolutions. That would be a sin...Yeah there are loads of them.. Most important being I wanna be saner, more organized and more stable. Also, kick that flashback lil bit hard working Monali to get going the same way in the coming year…Also, to learn new activities, like to learn some kinda dance, not the one done on dance floor, the kinda which is being performed J…Also, to strike guitar chords correctly, bcuz there’s nothing more embarrassing than owing a guitar for 3.5 years and not able to play at least one song smoothly, considering the fact that the guitar was being possessed for 2 years by one of my friend who’s got to be an amazing guitarist and now one kiddo in my building is owing it.. Every time when I complete my basics of chords and my guitar tutor says that I am gonna hit the song soon; I quit the class…So this year I am gonna cross that so close barrier. And ya on reading front, I am not the kind of reader who finishes the book as in it comes in hand, I wanna become that kind of reader; bcuz people say books are your best friends. But while reading, only books speak and I have to be mum, that’s difficult…But will try to build those conversations with books in the coming year.. Also I believe source of inspiration and humor are two important aspects we ought to have, so I promise to write more on the same.. And also, I am gonna be a book reviewer for one of my friend’s poem book, which I assured him that we would publish it this year. Huh, writing is so easy, but taking it to target audience is so difficult..Someday I am too gonna publish my book, at least I would be having something to show to my grandchildren…But for now I am just the reviewer. And also I wanna gain those fatty acids which I lost over the years, bcuz I really miss people calling up and saying moti kaisi hai? And lastly I hope to mark maximum ticks on the word doc named wish list in my folder, which has lot of adventurous activities to be done and lot of places to be visited.

Finally, no matter it was a negatively rated year for me, but amidst of these highs and lows, ups and downs, fear and anger, tears and laughs, insanity and maturity, friends have been there to hold, to scold, to party, to laugh, to laugh with me, laugh on me and to tell that there would be days like this….So be glad at least you have people going your way if not the things, someday things would also go your way…..

Let the new year bring fun, happiness and merry moments for all of us…Let’s hope we have lot of good movies in this coming year which does something more than making money at box-office…Let the series of Big-Bang get extended, and again there was a talk about next season of Prison Break coming up…Let that happen in the coming year bcuz sitcoms are the best thing that happened to mankind..I know it’s lil over expectation, but lets hope we have some sane politics in 2012. Let the Jan lokpal bill get passed in the coming year. Let love triumphs hatred, let peace triumphs war and let light covers up the darkness in the coming year..

Wishing everyone a very happy new year!!!!!!!!