Sometimes, words just click flawlessly to form a crisp poem,

And sometimes you just don’t find words even after digging all your brain nerves.

Sometimes your little palms can’t hold all the pain you have,

And sometimes just a warm shoulder puts behind all the pain you have.

Sometimes, you don’t know the person after a long distance traveled,

And sometimes you know the person in just a stroll.

Sometimes a mere sorry isn’t enough to mend the damage done

And sometimes just a smile is enough to fix all the differences

Sometimes those humongous things can’t bring along even tinge of happiness

And sometimes those tiny moments are filled with so much of happiness

Sometimes we ignore the unconditional love of our lives

And sometimes we just cry upon the love which was never ours.

Sometimes we fear about losing every tiny bit in life.

And sometimes that fear just dies, when you don’t have anything to lose anymore.

And remember not always you gonna get a click, an opportunity, an idea and a perfect plan in life

It‘s just that Sometimes you gonna get it and make sure you don’t ever miss it :)



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Monali believes in life, as a beautiful journey, which comes in a package of good as well as bad, some sweetness and some sourness too... Writing helps her vent out, makes her happy, the way no other thing does. Monali believes in the power of words, for words can inspire, educate, raise voice, draw a smile, trickle a tear and touch your heart. Monali also has lot of lines on her palm and people say that the more the number of lines you have,the more you think.This blog is just to jot down those thoughts and a justification to those lines. Apart from writing, she also loves clicking pics and believes that writing and photography are so much related.. While words draw the pictures, emoting pictures frame the words.

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