Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Being Happy

Being Happy..Really, is it that difficult? Not actually..
When those tiny miny little fingers of the newborn hold your palm tightly, that's called being happy..When a friend hugs you and says that everything would be fine, that's also a version of being happy..When that caramel toast with a thick topping of chocolate sauce melts in your mouth, yeah you got lil smarter, that's gotta be a reason to be happy..When a friend picks up your call at 2 in the morning, wakes up from his sleep and listens to your conundrum, and gives a solution to the same, there you go ,it's one of the many reasons to be happy that you have such kinda friend in your list. Standing across the blue ocean, with the winds knocking out you. Climbing the hill and getting the feel of, on top of the world, when you reach the hilltop. When you overcome a tough situation..When the recipe exactly turns out the way you wanted it to be..Meeting an old friend after ages and finding that time didn't alter your strings of friendship..Taking your grandparents to a vacation..Gifting your loved ones, something they wanted to possess since a long time..Conversations with people, at the end of which discovering that the person is also going through the same phase as you..Winning a debate by giving some illogical and annoying arguments, just to irritate the opposite person...Laughing on some crazy stuff till tears trickle down your eyes and stomach starts aching..Clicking indefinitely while you are on a road trip and discovering that each click is just the way you wanted it to be..Spotting that expensive apparel for wayward discount, on which your eyes stared every time you looked at it hanging...Mixing the shades of poster colors, and getting that perfect shade for your painting..Doing those activities and lil hobbies that makes u elated...Kicking the football hard enough, making a perfect goal...Coming across a nice face, while you are hitting the gym..Yes, all of these indeed come under the league of reasons for being happy..And as Sarah Kay says there's nothing more beautiful than the way ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away...Yup watching the same is all the more reason to be happy...
Being happy, just two plain words yet so important for us and for the people around us...Being happy is a simple calculation, just that you need to figure out that the reasons to be happy are more than the reasons to be sad...There is a little bit of discontent in everyone of us..And this bit of discontent is neither gonna change the world nor our life, but slowly gonna kill us bit by bit..Things will fall in place as in when they are destined to, so stop cribbing and catch that little evil in the form of discontent, and murder it and there you enter the pathway to being happy :D