Saturday, July 14, 2012


 जिन्दगी  के  मायने  समझने  में  और  इतना  वक़्त  लगाओगे,
 कभी  इन्  छोटे  छोटे  पलो  की  खुशियों  को  निचोड़  कर  तो  देखो...
 और इतना इंतज़ार लेहरे  पीछे हटने  का,  इन् सीपियों के लिए.
 कभी लेहेरो की आहटो में खोना भी सीखों...

और इतना औरों के इशारो पर नाचोगे,
कभी अपनी मस्ती में झूमकर तो देखों..
ये कैसी आधी आधी सी हस्सी है.
कभी खुलकर हस्सी के ठहाके लगाकर तो देखो..

आखीर मोती भी सीपियों के ज़ख्मों से ही बनता है..
कभी अपने ज़ख्मो को भी मुस्कुराहाट से देखो..
और इतनी  ख्वाईशो के लिए आँखे मूँद लोगे,
कभी ज़िन्दगी की टहनियों पर लगे ख्वाइशो के फलो को भी चखो..

बातों का क्या है , बस दुनिया करती ही रहेगी.
कभी अपनी दिल की बात सुनकर, दिल की खिडकियों के परदे हटाकर तो देखों.
किश्तों की इस ज़िन्दगी के और इतने बहाने बनाओगे.
कभी मुस्कुराहटें बाटने के बहाने खोजकर तो देखो.

कब तक किनारे से ही नय्या देखते रहोगे.
कभी माज़ी बनकर , खिवैया से लेहरो को चिरकर तो देखों.
मोड आने के इंतज़ार में , सारे सफ़र में ये कैसी बेचैनी ?
कभी सफ़र के हर पल को जी कर  तो देखो ..

कभी नफ़रत में प्यार , कभी सच्चे प्यार में इंतकाम के छीटे...
कभी दुरियो में पास होने का एहसास , कभी क़रीबी में फासलों का आभास...
कभी नम आखोँ में ख़ुशी का इशारा , कभी मुस्कान में छुपा दर्द..
कभी भीड़ में खो जाने का डर , कभी अकेलेपन के साये का डर..
कभी में बटी हुई इस ज़िन्दगी के रंगों में अपनेआप को रंग कर तो देखों ..

Zindagi ke mayane samajhne mein aur itna waqt lagaoge,
Kabhi inn chote chote palo ki khushiyo ko neechod kar to dekho…
Aur itna intezaar lehere piche hatane ka ,inn seepiyo ke liye,
Kabhi lehero ki aahatoin mein khona bhi seekho..

Aur itna auro ke ishare par nachoge
Kabhi apni masti mein jhumkar to dekho
Ye kaisi aadhi aadhi si hassi hai
Kabhi khulkar hassi ke thahake lagakar to dekho..

Aakhir moti bhi seepiyo ke zakhmo se hi banta hai
Kabhi apne zakhmo ko bhi muskurahaat se dekho…
Aur itni khwaisho ke liye aankhe moond loge
Kabhi zindagi ki tehniyo par lage khwaisho ke phalo ko bhi chakho..

Baaton ka kya hai, bas duniya karti hi rahegi
Kabhi apni dil ki baat sunkar, dil ki khidkiyo ke parde hatakar to dekho…
Kishto ki iss zindagi ke aur itne bahane banaoge,
Kabhi Muskurahate battane ke bahane dhunkar to dekho..

Kab tak kinare se hi nayya dekhte rahoge,
Kabhi mazi banaker, khewayya se leharo ko chirkar to dekho..
Modd Ane ke intezaar mein, saare safar mein ye kaisi bechaini,
Kabhi safar ke har pal ko jeekar to dekho..

Kabhi nafarat mein pyar, kabhi sachhe pyar mein intkaam ke sheete,
Kabhi duriyo mein pass hone ka ehsaas, kabhi karibi mein faslo ka abhaas,
Kabhi namm aakhon mein khushi ka ishara, Kabhi muskaan mein chupa dard,
Kabhi bheed mein kho jane ka darr, Kabhi akelepan ke saaye ka darr,
Kabhi mein bati hui iss zindagi ke rango mein apneaap ko kabhi rangkar to dekho...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Birthday Wishes/Confessions/Lectures....

Dear Chotu,

You threatened me to write something for you on your birthday....But do you have any idea, that all my life I have been lecturing you on life, its rules and blah blah and you have been hating it from the core of your heart…So sweetie even this post has traces of lectures, confessions and wishes too and you gotta read it, no matter you like it or not :)..

You as a Kiddo
It’s gotta be your 22nd birthday…As a Kid you were always choosy about your birthday’s, but wid time the birthday’s are getting more saner…As a kid, I always hated you for many reasons..Firstly, you were a useless pig when it came to completing your class work and thus lil part of my evening playtime was snatched in completing your class work…When I screamed at you for not completing the class work, with a poor fish face, you replied, the next teacher comes and rubs off the blackboard before I could copy the entire blackboard..But then mom was your super supporter..She always asked me to complete your incomplete class work; for you were a small kiddo for her…Also, the report card analysis was different for you..It was wayward liberal…We were questioned for all the ups and down in our marks, while not much questions were raised when you didn’t perform well.. And oh lord don’t ask about the wrestling’s we had…You kicking me was perfectly fine but myself kicking you was like a wicked act…I remember, once I hit you so hard that my entire palm-print was clearly visible on your arm as a humongous red mark…And before you would approach the supreme-court (mom) with your loud and annoying cry, I silenced you, by tightly shutting your mouth..Don’t try to gather sympathy..Bcuz, even I was victim of your domestic violence..Once you had hit me hard on my head, with some object..For days, I had that pain..Our hatred feeling was mutual:)..And you know what, in the evening games you were always a kaccha limbu (weak player who’s a virtual part of game)..So you were always running around, thinking that you were in the game and you were a good player, but nobody bothered about you :).. And remember, whenever you arrived, there was an awkward silence..Bcuz you leaked all our secrets to mom, we didn’t talk about anything in front of you :).. And I never took you out with my friends.. I always made the excuse to mom, that you act super dumb and rude with my friends..

Shades of Chotu
Time has passed and changed too, and hopefully with the passing time, we have grown up..Back then, no matter how much ever class works I have completed for you, but now, for all my  home work notes of life, I need you, to discuss..No matter, I kept you a weak player in the evening games, but in life’s game you are a real strong player..And no matter I never took you out with my friends, but you are always there to hang out with me, when I am not left with many friends around..No matter, we called you chotu, for we thought you would always remain that irresponsible pig, but the way you take the responsibilities now proves us wrong..And I know; dare anyone say anything to me, you would take that person to task..Also, I must say that you are a very good liar or maybe I am an easy hit to fool around.. But sweetie, always remember lies are of two types..The first type are the one’s widout which no human can survive..And the second type are the ones that break the trust with people around you..Always stay away from this hazardous second type..Mistakes, you really gotta do that, else how you gonna learn..But repeating your mistakes..Don’t do that.. That’s what fools do..Temperament, you gotta control that bcuz after all, a cooler breeze can make the atmosphere pleasant..

You And Me
And don’t worry despite of so many confessions and lectures, I remember it’s your birthday…Many many happy returns of the day sweetie..My best wishes always remain with you..Please, keep asking for pocket money and money to shop..That makes me feel responsible..Don’t you ever stop making fun of me..That makes me feel we are still the same kiddos..Don’t you stop, doing those elongated conversations wid me at night wid louder laughs and giggles…That gives me a high on life feel..And don’t forget to give that helping hand of yours, when someone needs it..That’s the best quality you possess..The way you raise your voice against anything wrong and say it on face to the person..Don’t lose that attitude, trust me very few people have it in today’s manipulative world…Through the turbulent waves and the opposing breeze, across which you sailed and came towards the shore..Not everyone is that good swimmer..And remember, you still remain the best rider for me..So rush through the maps, find your own roads and go chase your destination..And while doing all these, if they still hand over you hurt, hatred, disgust and failure..Don’t worry; I will be standing there, just besides you…

Love Maii..