Saturday, October 20, 2012

Random Diaries....

It’s a lazy and lonely Saturday afternoon…Both my roomies are working on Saturday.. So, I have no choice left but to spend morning and afternoon alone.. I am not a loner at all..Guess nobody is by choice…In school, when my bench partner was absent, my entire day was spent so silent…In engg hostel, when my roomies were away, I waited for them to come so that again our room wud be lively wid our noise…At my flat also, I would message my roomie frequently, when r u coming, come soon ....

These days are not nice and me not liking them in a way..They say life comes wid all kinda days..screw that thought..Have you ever felt this way, its like whenever you learn the rules of the game, the game changes..when you are close to the destination, the road map and the road itself changes..A series of such events, douse that flame of hope..But then life isn’t perfect..again screw that thought..But u know wat ders no fun in learning the rules…trust me have learnt and followed hell of them...make ur own rules..

As the life passes you will learn , there’s nothing as good or bad, right or wrong…Its just the perception of  mind. But still we make our own judgements. I hate people making judgements about me..morons they are..dont know ways of life..but then even I was judgemental for some dear ones…And you know wat concept of karma works…Nowadays me and roomie often talks a lot about lives of celebrities and successful people.. we envy about the freewill, they have in life..I know grass is always greener on other side..But then I don’t wanna die as a common person.. I swear my soul will wander if that happens..

But whatever it is, I am not liking these days..wannna go back to those conversations, those laughs, those silly notions, those bucketlist we talked about, those movies , books we discussed, arguments with no conclusions, ways of life we wished, acts of stupidity..Ahh good old days…Again I wanna go back to my engineering days..Fun in classrooms, late night maggi, late night coffee, late night talks, waiting for someone to complete the assignment so that we could copy word to word widout giving any load to mind, watching matches and movies in TV room, we literally survived on Doordarshan, bunking classes just to watch 50 bucks show in E-square, frequent trips for Durga coffee (still remains the best and cheap cold coffee ever), playing some loud music in room and dancing like noone’s watching, rushing for last moment project submission, during exam days me , vrunda and shruti keeping our books aside and gossiping like world is gonna end tomorrow, tripsi on Kinetic wid mayu and anu…

Wanna go back to good old times in tarapur too..While in hostel, visiting tarapur was the biggest upcoming thrill in life..Me n vrunda always counted the days left for going home…People called us homesick fanatics..That day when I was talking  to Sid and prady, we were talking about it’s not that old fun in tarapur now.. times have changed.. They say you should always live in present. Screw that thought again. There’s always a good thing about going back to good old is a barometer that you did good in life, an indicator that you have gathered loads of good moments in the past…toggling to these memories makes u happy and feel good…Now let me tackle this lonely Saturday afternoon..Let me learn..enjoying the music, reading a book and just cooking for urself alone…And that’s an art..spending the day lonely and still feeling happy about it.. I am wayward poor at this talent..let me try upon this too…


  1. I would give anything to go back to that afternoon where you, Vrunda and I, each lay in our own bed with the excuse to nap after an exam, so that we could stay up all night studying for the next one, but instead talking and laughing about mustaches...That's one of the happiest memories of my life! Among many others with you two.. :)

  2. @Shruti: Those lil bit of things were real happiness... wanna so much live those days again :)

  3. Very true.. Those useless topics seemed so important that it let us forget everything else.. Mon's blog took me back 10 yrs.. Really would like go back to Cummins and have a small get-together and discuss about mustaches and important people in our lives then.. :P

  4. @Vrunda: Gals v gotta meetup and talk about those days again...

  5. Very nicely written.. i love reading blogs like this when someone puts on paper his/her emotions in a free flowing way. I reciprocated your thoughts as well abt those good old days every lucky souls like us get to live. keep writing Monali..

  6. @Arnab: glad you liked the post...thanks for the appreciation..