Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ain't any Silver Lining; Ain't any Light...

I grew up in a small town tarapur in a central government colony. My colony had a siren kinda of system. There was a loud siren ringing twice a day. One at 7 in the morning and the other at 7 in the evening. I don't know for what purpose it was meant. But the evening siren was a barometer for the kids to reach home by 7; after the evening play or from tuition or other classes. It was a ritual to be followed at home; to be back at 7. To be safe. It's been more than 10 years I have been staying outside home. Today also that siren rings in my mind. To reach home safely. To reach station safely when gotta catch a late train. With those crossword games played in mind. Isn't that auto guy looking lil scary? While returning from the airport from a late flight; the mind toggles whether to take a cab or airport bus. Which would be much safer? Should I walk down this dark lane? Those stares; they are not only scary. They symbolize you as some filthy object. Someone touching your body without your permission. That feeling. You cannot put it in words. If you are thinking that I am being lil pessimistic; then you are wrong. This is the story of every other women in this country. They play those crosswords in their mind while travelling. That fear rumbles on their mind. To reach home safely; it's like a luxury in a country like India. She knows that the lethargic law and the hypocrite society ain't gonna protect her. And that she has to play her own game.

They say India is a land of great culture and great mythology. What culture they are talking about; where we are celebrating the 67th Independence Day, while women in the country cannot move independently without that fear. Where an innocent girl going home after watching a movie becomes victim of ruthless beasts. Being raped to become martyr; so that media can sensationalize it in their own way, so that political parties can use it for their purpose. The kinda of culture which gave the world all those chapters of kamasutra but didn't emphasize upon the fact that each human being need to take the consent of other human being before touching him/her. Shouldn't Lord Ram have taken that Dhobi to task for asking Sita to take the Agnipariksha; thereby setting an epitome that whosoever behaves that way with women will not be spared. If Lord Krishna was so powerful, shouldn't he be killing Duryodhan, for Draupadi vastraharan in front of the assembly thereby setting an example in the history; whosoever touches another human being without his/her consent will be awarded death penalty? Why he waited for Bhim to take the oath of killing duryodhan in the battle field. In that case Draupadi waited till the battle for her justice. I always make it point to end my posts and poems with an optimistic note; but not  this time. India ain’t a nation for women.  Ain’t a nation for daughters. Ain’t a nation for baby girls.  There ain’t any silver lining. There ain’t any light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Awesome.......just simply too good...:)

  2. Compelled to say it is really a pessimistic post..agree with you on several points but giving up all hopes is not the solution and neither it is going to help..we need to teach & imbibe in our sons to respect women and to our daughters to be strong to protect herself..Be the change you want to be!

  3. Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”
    ― Judy Garland

    That's the problem India is facing, we are trying to imitate other cultures, when our fundamentals are very different. No matter how literate women are in our society, still they want a baby boy rather than a girl, that’s because they expect their boy to support them when they grow old, but they do not expect the same from a girl. If one needs to change the world, it’s you people - the girls, who have to rise up and prove to the world that they are capable enough to take care of their parents in senescence. Males have to support you, no denial, but since they (we) are in majority, its natural we might not be happy about the fact that we will be dethroned. But historically revolutionaries have been successful. It has two pronged benefits, one - it narrows the demand supply gap of men and women, also it makes women strong enough to take a stand.
    I believe this transition will happen, until I was in small town such as Jaipur, Ahmedabad etc. I considered that using bad words in front of women isn't sign of chivalry and so is the act of smoking. But as I moved to Hyderabad, then States my perception has changed, when I was concerned about my actions, I saw females smoking in front of me and openly talking about sex. Gradually I became comfortable with this fact, and threw my values (debatable) in garbage.
    Well I am sure this transition will occur, just not sure its happening for good or bad.
    My only point is that in actuality we were not as bad as we were, when I went back home from school I always had my mother waiting for me, taking care of me, not sure if my kid would get the same luxury. That is the reason of difference between kids in India and America, why they are so much into drugs, and that's not the case with Indian kids. We have someone to fall back to, who would listen to us when we are depressed.

    At last its a new chapter in Indian history, which is marking the change in Indian culture, For every revolution and change there has been a price to be paid, may be we are doing the same.

  4. Ups and downs, solitude and company, happiness and grief. Life is a river that takes all that comes in its way. Whatever be the situation, it changes. In the end, life just goes on.

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