Friday, February 14, 2014

Love Note...

Dear Shoe,
Ahh, I have seen you making those marks on the sand. I remember each sunshine with you, each moonlight walk with you. Remember those forest walks amidst the fireflies and the mountain treks. And yes those river crossings. It took my breath away when we were held in the hands of those unknown forces. Glad we came so far. Glad that the rains could only drench us, but couldn't wash us apart. Glad that the forest fire just burnt us a little bit but couldn't take away the warmth between us. Nomatter how many dusty roads you travel and how many sandy hills you unravel; I will be always there with you throughout the journey. Nomatter even when you are torn and your polish fades, I will be tightly held to you within your loops. Little do I know about love. But being in love for me is keeping those strings attached with you. And as you make my world upside down, I promise to be knotted around you.
Love Lace.

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