Sunday, July 6, 2014

Randomness on a Sunday morning

The random thoughts floating in the mind on a Sunday morning needs to be jotted down.

"Journey is as important as destination" Baba always say there's no point in reaching the destination, if you haven't enjoyed the Journey. So while you are busy making a living; remember to live. To smell the moist soil. To get wet in the rains. To do little things that make you happy.
"Lectures will someday make sense" Your choices and decisions gonna impact your life in the long run. so the long boring lectures from parents, teachers and friends about life were never a waste.
"Being Clear" Clarity of thoughts will always make life easier for yourself and the people surrounding you.
"Seriously over a drink" Someone who can do an elongated fake conversation over a drink; two facts are clear. a) Drink is ruined b) You are wasting your time
"illusions can be hazardous"
Cheating is bad. Cheating and still not knowing it, is illusion; a serious problem than cheating.
"Revenge is a dish best served cold
Let Go is meant for the circumstances, when time and people weren't in your favor; however deceivers deserve a revenge. 
"Check all viewpoints"
Person coming back in your life for the second time doesn't necessarily mean serendipity. No-one else likes the person.
"Thankful for the beatings"
The understanding, empathy, sanity and the rules drawn by you today; somewhere have the reference to your childhood beatings by parents. They did make you a better person today.
"Food lovers are awesomest people"
You cannot relish the best dish if you ain't having it with a foodie. 
"There's lot of hurt around"
Don't believe that you have absorbed a lot of hurt in this universe; there is hurt which you haven't imagined or couldn't take. So chill. 
"Death bed Study"
A study reveals that people lying on their death bed regret for not spending enough time with old friends. So stay connected.
"Random trip plans"
Do it often. It increases the acceleration of Life's wheel.

This randomness and more makes life a beautiful journey. Someday you will connect the dots and make sense; for now just stay high and stay happy :)

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